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CarAn efficient & customized business process solution is the virtual backbone of any service provider. Swastik Consultants was founded with the singular vision of being the preferred partner for such solutions that encompass the exacting and unique needs of its Customers. Swastik Consultants is committed to single‐window delivery, of customer‐centric & tailored solutions. Swastik Consultants offers quality solutions that are competitively priced, with diligent adherence to TATs and other SLAs. Swastik Consultants is the virtual one‐stop shop for support solutions that fulfill time & value critical needs of Banks, Credit Card issuers, prepaid food voucher issuers, Telecom Cos., Utility Cos., Ecommerce Cos. Insurance Cos. and other Industry leaders. The hallmark of all Swastik Consultants is a consultative approach to achieve delivery of distinctive and customized processes.


Swastik Consultants will consistently and precisely deliver solutions for every business process needs of its Customers.


Swastik Consultants will be the preferred partner for comprehensive E2E business process solutions.